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Workflow Section


The various digital workflows described on this web site are listed in the left sidebar navigation area.

The Raw-to-Print and Scan-to-Print workflows are intended for individuals printing their own high quality images, both color and black and white, on a photo inkjet printer.  The Raw-to-Print workflow is for digital camera users who capture their images in the Raw format.  The Scan-to-Print workflow is for film camera users who scan their images (either the negative, slide or print).  These two workflows start with image capture and continue to file archive.

The batch JPEG workflow assumes you have a large number of images and you need to create JPEG copies of them as simply and quickly as possible.  If you are processing a single image, you may want to use the web, email and projector workflow.  This workflow guides you through the process of preparing a completed image for display on a web page, being sent to someone via email or shown by a projector.