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Hue/Saturation Test

Self administered test on the hue/saturation/lightness adjustment

Hue/Saturation dialog box
Figure 1

Question 1.  Figure 2A is a picture of model trucks and cars.  It is desired to change the color of the bulldozer from yellow to green.  Using the Hue/Saturation adjustment seen in Figure 1, the Edit drop down box was changed to Yellows.  Then the eyedropper tool, circled in red in Figure 1, was selected and clicked on the bulldozer only.  The Hue slider was then moved to the right until the desired color was achieved.  In this case, +62.  However, as seen in Figure 2B, the car was also changed to green.

Why did the color of the car change when the eyedropper was only clicked on the bulldozer?

  1. Answer
    1. The eyedropper tools are color range selection tools.  When used, they will set the color range to be changed and all pixels in the image that fall in the selected color range will be changed.  To limit the change to the bulldozer, a selection would have to be made around the bulldozer.

Yellow vehicles Figure 2A

Green vehicles Figure 2B

Question 2.  Figure 3A shows the six color ranges listed in the Edit drop down box for the Hue/Saturation adjustment.  The color ranges are reds, yellows, greens, cyans, blues and magentas.  In Figure 3B are three color chips.  Chip 1 is turquoise.  Chip 2 is brown.  Chip 3 is purple. 

True or False.  Since the colors turquoise, brown and purple are not listed in the Edit drop down box, Hue/Saturation will not be able to work with these colors.

  1. Answer
    1. False.  Turquoise falls within the cyan color range.  Brown falls within the red color range.  Purple falls within the blue color range.  Fortunately, we are not required to memorize which of the six color ranges a particular color falls into.  The easiest way to select by color range is to use the eyedropper tools.  To do this, click the down arrow of the Edit drop down box.  Select any color range, except Master.  Click the left most eyedropper Main eyedropper and click on the color in the image that needs adjusting.  Photoshop will automatically reset the Edit drop down box and the Color Range Boundaries to the correct color range.  To select additional colors, click the + eyedropper Plus eyedropper and click in the image.

      The figure below shows what the Hue/Saturation dialog box looks like after the eyedropper tool was clicked on the purple color chip.
      Color range

Color range Figure 3A.  Hue/Saturation Color Range for Purple Color Chip

Color chips Figure 3B.  Color Chips