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Black and White Toning Test

Self administered test on toning a black and white photo

Question 1.  True or False.  When toning a black and white image, we must first convert it to true grayscale.

  1. Answer
    1. Both False and True.  A true grayscale image is not capable of storing color.  Therefore, it is not capable of having a color tone.  So to apply a tone using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, the image must remain in a color mode, such as RGB.

      However, if a tone is being applied using Photoshop's Duotone (Image > Mode > Duotone), the image must be converted to grayscale first.  But when the tone is applied, Photoshop will automatically change the image's mode from grayscale to duotone, tritone or quadtone, whichever was used.

Question 2.  True or False.  When printing a toned image, we must use a color printer to print the black and white image.

  1. Answer
    1. True.  A printer that only contains black and gray inks is not capable of printing color.  Therefore, a color printer must be used to print a toned black and white image.