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Printing Topics


The soft proofing page shows you how to preview on your monitor what your image's colors will look like when printed.  In addition, it shows you how to find and fix out of gamut colors.

Resizing an image for printing sounds simple.  But are you trying to print a certain size, or are you trying to print the entire image, or do you wish to crop the image before printing?  The Resizing page shows you how.

The ability of a monitor to display detail in shadow areas is usually better than a printer's ability to reproduce them.  The Printer Black Point page describes not only how to determine where a printer prints solid black instead of shadow detail, but what to do about it.  Less common is the inability to reproduce bright highlight detail.  The Printer White Point page covers this.

Properly printing in Photoshop is more than File > Print.  Read the Photoshop Printing page to learn how to do it correctly.  If you use a RIP to print your images, you may wish to review the RIP Printing page.