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Photoshop Video Tutorials

This web page contains all the videos used in this web site.  To play a video, click one of the player icons.  Clicking the linked text will take you to the page where the content is presented.

  1. Which player icon do I use?
    1. If you are using a Windows-based computer, click the Windows Media Player icon Windows Media Player.  If you are using an Apple platform, click the QuickTime Player icon QuickTime Player.  If you know you have the Flash Player installed on your computer, you can click the Flash Player icon Flash Player.


Photoshop Techniques

Clipping Mask (3:02)
    Windows Media Player  Quick Time Player  Flash Player

Pen Tool Curves (2:49)
    Windows Media Player  Quick Time Player  Flash Player

Pen Tool Curve and Line (1:10)
    Windows Media Player  Quick Time Player  Flash Player