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Quick Picks


Listed below are links to a few of the major topics on this web site.  These links allow you to go straight to the topic without having to drill down through the Topics menu.

Digital Workflows Taken your picture but not sure what to do next?  A workflow is a recommended series of steps that guide the individual in the capture, editing and printing of digital images.
Histogram Explains the histogram and how to read one.
Hue/Saturation In-depth discussion of the Adobe Photoshop Hue/Saturation control.
Levels Detailed explanation of the Adobe Photoshop Levels control.
Curves The Adobe Photoshop Curves control, how it works and how to use it.
Color Correction using Levels

Color Correction using Curves

Learn how to color correct an image using either the Adobe Photoshop Levels control or Curves control.
Printer Black Point Explains what the printer black point is, how to find it and how to adjust an image to compensate for it.