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Getting Started


Getting Started in The Digital Darkroom

If you are getting started in the digital darkroom, it is recommended you start with the Workflow Section.  A workflow is a recommended sequence of steps to take an image from a Raw or scan capture to print.  A workflow will give you a good idea of the various digital and Photoshop skills you will want to learn.

Getting Started on This Web Site

To start using this site, either click on All Topics or Site Map on the main menu above.  Once on the All Topics or Site Map page, click on the topic of your choice to get started.  To learn more about navigating this web site, please visit the Navigation page.


An interesting feature of this web site is some of the topics have a self administered test.  If a topic has a test, the test is at the end of the topic.  You are encouraged to take the test in order to improve your comprehension.  Immediately following each question is a link to the answer.