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Tone Management System
- black and White with color -

Many photographers like to create black and white images with localized color.  By this, I do not mean the traditional hand-colored black and white prints, where the entire image has been painted, typically with pastel colors.  I am referring to images that are predominantly black and white, but have a few select areas of the image in full color.  Since a fundamental concept of the Tone Management System is to not only retain, but use, the image's color information when making a black and white image, it can facilitate the creation of these types of images. 

Color/Black and White Images

In Figure 2 below is a black and white image of a church during the winter holiday season.  The Tone Management System was used to darken the blue sky, but not the clouds, and emphasize the setting sun shining on the steeple and cross without losing detail in this area.  A light gold tone was applied to the final image to retain the warmth of a sunset.

Do you see the color in the image?  Look closely at the ribbons on the wreaths on the front door.  They are red.  This was accomplished by 'excluding' them from the black and white adjustments.  This was easily accomplished by using layer masks on both the adjustment layer that converted the image to black and white and the adjustment layer used to apply the toning.  By painting with black paint in both layer masks where the two ribbons are located, the adjustments were not applied to the ribbons.


Black and white with color

Figure 2.  Color/black and white Image