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This web site provides in depth explanations of the digital darkroom and the Adobe Photoshop features commonly used by photographers.  Topics include Photoshop tutorials on histograms, color correction, Hue/Saturation, Levels, Curves, converting color to black and white, digital workflow and more.


  Getting Started

Getting started in the digital darkroom?  Read the Getting Started page.

  Quick Picks

Links to a few of the major topics on this site, allowing you to bypass the drill down menus.

  All Topics

Lists digital topics, Photoshop topics and the color to black and white topics.  Includes detailed digital workflows.

  Digital Topics

Digital Topics explains pixels, file format, histograms, bit depth, resolution, color channels, color profiles, color ranges and more.

  Photoshop ©

The Topics section explains Hue/Saturation, Levels, Curves.  The Techniques section teaches image editing skills, such as color correction.

  Color to B & W

Describes various methods of converting color to black and white.


Free downloads and links to other sites you might find useful.


Web site author's web gallery.

  Photography as Art

The web site author explains his artistic thought process used in the making of select images.